Travelling Cleric of Fharlanghn


Cleric of Fharlanghn (6)

STR 10 INT 14
DEX 10 WIS 17
CON 12 CHA 12

AC: 18
HP: 47
BAB: +4
WEP: +1 1D6 B

Known languages


Autohypnosis: 6 Knowledge Arcana: 2Proff Scribe: 5
Concentration: 9Knowledge History: 2Sense Motive: 5
Diplomacy: 7Knowledge Planes: 9 Spellcraft: 4
Heal: 10Knowledge Religion: 8 Spot: 5
Listen: 5 Survival: 9


These can be considered commonly known facts about Aarnel, amongst anyone he’s spent more than a week or so with.

At some point in the distance past, Aarnel acquired a travel journal. When lacking a given mission or task, he likes to travel and follow the steps of those who have travelled before him, whilst adding his own journeys to the journal.

Before arriving at Illuminosta, he hadn’t stayed in a place for more than a week, in the last couple of years he’s travelled most of the northern continent.

He’s been travelling as a cleric of Fharlanghn since he doesn’t really know, or care, when. It’s a good lifestyle for Aarnel, who likes travelling and seeing new sights, each one seeming a fresh experience for him. He likes learning, but prefers travelling, and as a cleric of Fharlanghn he finds both of these desires met.

He’s a lighthearted guy, and to be honest with all his travelling you’d expect him to be a little more wary of the world around him, but his lighthearted approach to life gives him an outgoing nature that lands him friends quickly in a new area, or helps rekindle friendships since he’d last visited.

He has a great distaste for anyone, or anything that seeks to compromise freedom, be it physical or mental or magical, if someone is unable to exercise their free will it’s almost like it’s been made personal.

  • He has an affinity for Skit who is adorable,
  • He gets on surprisingly well with Sevastian, as they seem to share traits and interests
  • he has an odd mix of respect for, exhasperation at, and occasional frustration with Jaros; Having seen the man in selfless combat though, and gotten to know him over the weeks, he finds himself getting along reasonably well with him too.
  • Since meeting Leona, he has developed a similar respect for her prowess and resolution to resolve problems herself rather than delegate responsibility.
  • He finds Ama somewhat a puzzle, and for the most part leaves her to her own devices due to her anti-social tenancies.
  • He is impressed and in awe of Auriel’s generous/ self-sacrificing nature and holds her in high regard because of this.

During the party’s second visit to Luminosta, Aarnel met Auriel, his apparent sister.
They were seperated due to the The Rift several years ago.


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