The High Archmage


The High Archmage is the head of the entire arcane school in Maladoune, and the entire city itself.

He lives on the tenth floor of the library, and rarely sees people outside of appointments that he deems to be vital. He is an elderly man who has devoted his entire life to the study of the arcane arts, and spreading his own desire for learning with anyone else who comes to the city.

As a powerful mage, capable of some of the most advanced spells ever, he was sought out by the party to destroy one of The Cold Crystals. It was at this point that the party discovered that he too was in possession of one, and while he was fine with destroying the one the party had, he would not part with the one he had. During the resulting confrontation, he revealed that he knew there were five crystals, and made reference to storing them in a bag of holding as the party is doing to be “unbelievably dangerous”. However, the resulting combat revealed his inability to take a life, and thus his own was taken and his Coldcrystal stored away.


The High Archmage

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