Auriel is a female human with tanned skin and light brown hair that never seems to behave itself, resulting in her constantly needing to blow her fringe out of her eyes.

Aarnel found her perusing a similar travelling journal to his at a wayshrine of Fharlanghn near Luminosta. She had apparently travelled down here from the north on her journies after hearing about the disaster that took place here, and wanting to give any aid she could.

Although not bearing any holy symbols as he does, she does bear a striking resemblance to Aarnel in more ways than one, which lead them to believe that they were siblings, following the travel journals of their parents. Their separation was put down to The Rift.

She set about helping to shift rubble within Luminosta and donating to temples as well as aiding the party in tracking down Ama when she went missing, and eventually helping lead the party to Wyvernhill to the north.

Has shown signs of being quite scatterbrained and taking on a lot of things (perhaps too many) at the same time.



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