Champion of Methoni


The winner of the yearly fighting tournament this year, held in the city of Methoni.

He fought with an odd style of using two swords of equal size one in each hand, rather than a traditional smaller sword in the off-hand. Defeated last year’s champion in the very first round with relative ease and expertise.

The final against Greyskye‘s Leona Rowan Montessori was a long fight, however Brent’s skill with his unusual fighting style continued on and he won the overall tournament. Brent’s fighting was just too nimble for her. After victory, he immediately proposed to a woman in the crowd Cassandra, claiming her presence to be the driving force behind his victory. She unerringly accepted. He was awared the title of champion.

Incredibly entertaining both to watch in battle and to talk to in person. As the champion that Methoni sought, he now has a statue being build towards him in the city.

Ran into a spot of boat troubles on his honeymoon to Viraden with Cassandra, extending the trip slightly, however eventually found his way back upon the Elven War Fleet, who were in that area at the time.



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