A halfling with an interest in objects of high value, will stop at nothing to obtain them, good with a crossbow and taught Skit how to use one but since found to be rather fond of a rare sling that came into her possession. Hellbent on personal gain, not much is known what happened to this girl in the Luminosta auctions.
Was also known to be carrying one of The Cold Crystals

Discovered by the party in the mines below Byholt, having travelled there on a mission from Yarrick to seek out a religiou relic, promising her to rid her of a curse that befell her. She had been trapped in the mines for weeks, and was weak with exhaustion and starvation. The party obtained the crystal she was carrying with relative ease as a result, and later she met her demise in the mines when Jarros fell into a stalagmite ridden pit, crushing her.



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