Often simply referred to as “Captain”, the full name of this male gnome is much more extravagant, and is something along the lines of Captain Roland Gaston One-Shoe Badhorse Featherington…something something. He proudly flaunted his name in dancing lights to Aarnel when he was found aboard a ship in The Astral Plane.

A gnome of bright white-silver hair and wielding a rapier relic of Olidammara, this particular individual was last seen “going for a walk” during his and Jarros’s combined watch at night near the portal entrance to The Astral Plane. Turns out he most likely took the party’s boat and sailed away to the south.

He claims the people who captured him were keeping him prisoner for his hair, although being unable to speak the language he had no idea why. He ended up on board having been picked up by the ship after climbing into his own Bag of Holding to prevent him from dying at the Luminosta incident.



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