One of the members of The Karrick Lancers, referred to by Tessa as the “short one”.

Discovered to have a shack near the edge of The Rift on the continent of Agris, through which the party appeared after a journey through Celestia. He seemed to be engaged in the creation of monstorous creatures, as his shack is full of varying body parts as well as tools, plus a few of his creations have been encountered already. As to why he is doing this, his explanation changes from “he had nothing else to do” to “it seemed interesting” and such. Clearly a skilled necromancer.

Casswyn was convinced by the party to spill details on The Karrick Lancers, Zhao in particular, and has agreed to help them on their rescue of The Creatureborn. Informed them about many aspects of the planar fortress in which the lancers resided, where Zhao is now occupying, and helped lead them there.



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