Harley of many names

“Maybe when we die, the first thing we’ll say is, ‘I know this feeling. I was here before.’”


Halfling with unusual markings on her face. grey hair, dark greyish eyes.* (*young in picture and at heart)

Known to the group as Esmeralda, happened upon Sir Joras at a tavern in Hearthglen soon followed by the other two rowdy adventurers, feats of dexterity and much entertainment were found, she managed to get paid a hefty amount for her work too, whether from the sheer generosity of Sir Joras or because he was clearly very drunk. Claims she had met him before.

oft exclaims she “is not long for this world” perhaps because of her age? though she appears to be in her 40’s, for a halfling though this is not at all what one might call old, she does have grey hair and a tired look about her, but this does not stop her sheer energy!

supposed 6th Lancer that everyone forgot about due to her “nature”, proclaims that she got her tattoos in the war to act as a spy but the rift cursed the use of them due to them being travel magic related.

hopped back out of this reality when body swapped with Sevastian

Hopped back into this reality when Aarnel cast a summoning spell in hopes that his god would send him something useful, she rode in clung to a lesser demon being’s leg and claimed never to have met Aarnel before this time, as time was of the essence he agreed to pay her in hope she would help slay the Green Dragon Zhao as the demon would have been of no use to this good cause. Harley rubbed her hands together to aid the group, unfortunately upon getting too close to the dragon she was scared away but hastily returned to collect her booty regardless. she obtained a sizeable amount of gold for her slippery ability’s and some shackles, however this justice was not brought onto her by Content Not Found: jarros who was currently lectureing the to be Queen of Deepmere but possibly by the gods themselves, wanting her to remain in one place for once the shackles keep any person from exiting the material plane, holding them steadfast, with this in mind Harley had council with the Princess Niendra who then had her dubbed “Esmeralda the Queens Jester”


Harley of many names

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