Hayne is a human who first appeared to Sevastian d’Este and Aarnel during their adventures close to the rift.

Later was mentioned by name by Yarrick as someone who might be able to be sought out regarding protection of The Cold Crystals. Said to be living in Weyville

Found by the party and heard the story that he was given one of the coldcrystals, although he doesn’t know by whom. He embedded it in a set of armour that Rosal wanted cleaned and gemmed in order to sell back to the dwarves, out of spite and dislike for the man, knowing full well what it would could do (although perhaps not the extent).

Revealed that he wasn’t affected by it because it was given to him in a box that seemed to prevent its effects. This would have been the box that Krosh had and went missing during the Stonecoast incident. Attempted to make, as best as he could, a replica for the party to use.



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