Leona Rowan Montessori

Corporal of Greyskye


“I’m selfish,impatient and a little insecure.I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

Age: 28, Birthday 21st Nov (mid winter)
Rank: Corporal
Dragons slain: 1
General: stand offish, stoic and fearless.

From an upper class family but not raised on wealth alone,A deadly serious person with great determination to follow through with any plans, her father Pedron is Captain of the Guard in the City of Greyskye she holds him in the highest regard.

With a taste for good alcohol can often be found at the local bar listening in on discussions to get a sense for what is rumour or a good lead on local mishaps/banditry ect. After “a few”, can often be found intolerable, louder and more violent than usual with less than enough patience for people foolish enough to make any snide remark her way.

Rose through the ranks in Greyskye mostly by name alone but a somewhat righteous leader none the less had difficulty with this early on due to disrespect within her squadron, many believing she did not deserve the title of Corporal due to her lack of attendance to most classes, her unruly nature and selfish motivations.
Due to this lack of respect she could not hold command within her troupe and instead took things into her own hands by working alone. Having all the weight on her shoulders her squad got lazy and left her to do all the work knowing that she would still put in word for them lest her father find out she was not commanding them correctly, this later came to be most foreboding when the city was to be evacuated, unable to command respect in the ranks nor with the people many fell when evacuating to Methoni through the desert area.

As an attempt to lift spirits of the evacuees, some of the guards of each troupe joined the Methoni tournament and this was Leonas one last attempt to grasp the attention from her long time motivation and first love Cassandra

Items of note:

Greatsword given to her by her father for her position of Corporal (now in possession of norian once she found The sword of Berutars in a cave upon the island of Kearny)

Helm of Brilliance from The Chumsfamily Warner family for her valiant protection of their house on one of her first missions upon becoming a guard. (later stripped of its precious gemstones and sold as scrap)


In search of a band of mercenaries responsible for The Greyskye Incident, the capturing of the princess and demise of the prince of Deepmere (and Kord knows what else), bumped into the main travellers upon following an unusual raven believed to belong to one of the mercenaries who attended the school of Maladoune, upon discovering that these were not the people she was after managed to collaborate information (along with some conflict of authority with Content Not Found: jarros) with these travellers to discover that they had The Cold Crystals that pertained to the incident.

Finding that they had the means to destroy this cold crystal in the city of Maladoune proceeded to do so with little difficulty as well as securing another cold crystal that was controlling the city itself at the hand of The High Archmage there, consequently he was the one who could destroy the cold crystals, was not cooperative in the groups ideal and had to be dispatched.

One cold crystal currently secured in the groups possession and another destroyed, they proceed to track and destroy the other 3 crystals.

With help of Content Not Found: sevastian-d-este, sent word to her father about her discoveries and is waiting for return of his raven, this man also recognises Leona from the Methoni Tournament, losing to Brent in the final round in which she obtained her scar. This is a sensitive subject to her as Jarros found out first hand (or fist) when mentioning it in casual conversation, another touchy subject seems to be never to offend her father.

Has a female consort Ama who she has sworn to protect from The Green Dragon Zhao after saving her from a cave in the southern continent where she was held captive with one other who is not able to leave her home tree.
Utilising the information Ama and the current party have about the creatureborn, they all go on a mission to save them from Zhao’s grasp.

recently left the party having concluded the final part of her personal quest, to protect Ama from Zhao and rid the world of the cold crystal which destroyed her home town, she now heads east towards the caves in which Siborea resides, to re unite the pair and also hopefully create a home for the creatureborn, utiliseing their powers with the help of Ama and Sib she hopes to bring life to the war torn continent of Agris, gain trust within the nomad (bandit) camps and also build a brighter future for them and perhaps later on joining the people of Keirney over the mutual bond they may have wrought at the slaying of zhao, given enough time and effort on her part she will leave this continent in hopes of attending the Ara touniment, she has then said to travel back to her hometown Greyskye to give a long but much needed report to her father of her deeds done.

Leona Rowan Montessori

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