The Snakeborn


First encountered by Skit in Hearthglen on her journey away from home, told her of the creature born and that he was also one of these special breeds, himself being The Snakeborn. He gave her more of a purpose by teaching her the path of Ehlonna a great nature goddess.

Aarnel saw him in a state of non-intelligent consciousness in Illuminosta. He was tended to by other healers of the same temple after Skit obtained the correct gemstone to save him, not much is known how he got to be there however, after all it had already been his time to be taken and he had been.
He was awoken at the dragon assault on Illuminosta where the two sisters of Ronto (Birdborn) were attacked by a green dragon then turned into a great sized snake and started to attack the dragon as soon as it had fallen within reach.

He is now headed to Hearthglen with Gabriella the Birdborn to hide in safety from any further dragon attacks.

Has since travelled under the protection of Spocrell and is hiding with the remaining creatureborn in Weyville


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