Human Druid Lvl 8

HP: 34

STR: 12
DEX: 12
CON: 10
INT: 9
WIS: 18
CHA: 11

Saving Throws:
REF: 6
WILL: 13

AC: 14


Anyone merely taking a glance at this girl may see her just as a dirty child covered in sewerage and filth, a street rat not worth talking to, but behind those big eyes of hers contains a world of intrigue if they are willing to bypass the stench as they draw close.
Not a complete fool, she has learnt not to trust any person who does draw closer but by valuing friendship and family above all else in this world she can easily spot the ones who do not feel the same way and has much disdain for anyone seeking only gold or such objects of “value”.

currently on a quest to warn those “like her” of the ticking clock that will then be their time to be snatched from their homes to an unknown fortress to the south presumably where all the dragons reside. what the dragons want with her and the others, no one knows for sure but what she does know is that she is scared and that she doesn’t want her new found family to be taken from her.

For the friends that ask around the campfire/while traveling:
she was raised by dire rats in the sewers of Weyville and she sees all rats as her family, (thus the distress when Rattus died as this was her brother who grew up with her) she also see’s all creature born as family, feeling they are all connected somehow in the way they were raised as she was told that she was purposefully created to be a creature born rather than the previous speculations that her mother was a whore and she was thrown to the sewers as a newborn.

Her watcher Spocrell currently resides in the forest outskirts of Wayville where the sewerage meets it.
This is where she started her bizarre adventure into discovering who she is and her purpose, one evening Spocrell came back to camp muttering something about “having none of it” and accidentally dropped a scroll, curious Skit picked this up and with her slow reading saw that it was some kind of quest to find items and Rosal needed him for his particular skill set. Skit set through the sewage system to the building that was said on the scroll and thus first meeting, Callide (gave too much trust to this one and felt the consequences, last saw at the Luminosta Auctions, know nothing of what happened to her), Albert (a reckless man with a false symbol of Heironeous, was killed by a lady with a large helm in the Greyskye incident), Zaphkiel (a very bad man, much hatred for him as he uses fire against all that is good, all he wants is power, went missing), Denni Harbour (a guard of some kind, rather aloof but means well, saw die in Luminoster), Quin (a half elf who everyone seemed to hate, but he never said or did anything out of line. never met again after this 1st day) and Krosh (a half orc who works for rosal, kept skit hostage in the Greyskye incident but only due to the crystals affects. not a bad person)

After gathering whats left of The Creatureborn Skit heads to Weyville her hometown under the protection and watchful eye of Spocrell’s spell hiding them from the dragons.

Taken by Zhao regardless of all the running, Skit finds herself hearing a voice in her head while waiting in a dank room Zhao had her put in Aarnel tells her to make a break for it and create a distraction while the rest of them get into the fortress and rescue the other creatureborn.
Upon hearing this Skit acts immediately and starts running again, this time not for her life, but for the sake of others, this foolishness lands her in the Plane of Carseri as there was a portal close to where she was being kept, unaware to what fate befalls her in the prison plane she opts to keep going until a large enough distraction has been created.


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