Sturdy Oak Table


Table is a table. Table has 4 legs, one of which is very slightly shorter than the other causing a slight lean that Table originally disliked but has learned to accept it over the years

Table has seen many famous people of the world come and go, and has been privy to many conversations that would terrify lesser items of furniture.

Table is currently situated in Luminosta in the reception area of House Ronto. Table’s adventures over the past years have been plentiful, mainly due to being in such a location.

Table has been burned, scratched, attacked, been affected by The Cold Crystals, stained, sold and bought multiple times in various capacities, lost, hidden, found, lost again, been planar shifted, travelled all the corners of the multiverse, and most recently flipped by Leona Rowan Montessori

And not only that but Table, being an integral part of House Ronto, has had a large number of strange items on its person. This include, but are not limited to: a severed human hand, a book of vile deeds being done to elves, weapons, armour, probably a Cold Crystal at some point, relics of the gods, portable boats, tuning forks and control rods for Spheres of Annihilation.

Nobody truely knows Table’s true intentions, goals, or desires are…however there have been rumours of Table once having a partner. Table doesn’t talk much about it though. Table is very much the strong and silent type. Those who don’t know Table well might describe his personality as “wooden”

Recently found to have been animated and running around causing riot in the Ronto house. Table’s fate was met at the blade of Leona Rowan Montessori, although how temporary this death will be remains to be seen.



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