The Tigerborn


Referred to by the villagers of the nearby Simiral as a mystic, Tessa is the tigerborn. She seems to know the most out of any of the creatureborn as to what is happening, and informed the party of such, the fall of the Karrick Lancers.

Lives in a jungle just to the west of Simiral with tigers, and keeps a close eye on a girl who appears to be one of Casswyn’s created abominations, determined to find out more and to keep the people of Simiral safe.

Left the jungle with someone in tow according to the villagers of Simiral, presumably to seek out Lerrius at Hearthglen.

Met up with the other creatureborn and under the protection of Spocrell is hiding in Weyville’s sewers, much to her disgust and aggravation.



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