The Steys


The Steys are the family that rule over the western half of the north continent.

Based in a grand mansion house in Ules, any dealings with the family are done almost exclusively here, and with Lord Stey himself. He and his wife had two daughters, who were rarely if ever seen and very little is known about them. Lord Stey in particular was devastated by the death of his youngest daughter at the hands of adventurers, going as far as to close the Sky Bridge.

The Stey family are always referred to and addressed by Lord and Lady, whether through a sense of nobleness or intelligence at keeping their actual names hidden, given the areas over which they reside.

Lord Stey is ruthless in achieving what he wants, going so far as to imprison many people as collateral in deals.
Lady Stey is quite possibly even more ruthless than her husband, and it is widely believed that the wide hatred for adventurers commenced from her rather than Lord Stey.

The Steys also have many guards, advisors and bodyguards as one might expect, once again given the nature of the areas over which they reside.


The Steys

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