Zhao is one of the members of The Karrick Lancers, and is famed for being as such, with many tales of her deeds being told. Revealed through tales of lore at the remote town of Wyvernhill, a town that worships both good and evil dragons greatly, that she once saved their tree (a replica of the dragon roost in Arborea ).

The party were also told a tale of nine green dragons thrown out by Tiamat, goddess of the chromatic dragons, that tried to find a new home but were rejected upon every plane they set foot upon. Until they met Zhao, who realised what they were truly missing and created The Creatureborn, beings imbued with the noblest of virtues that they could teach the dragons such that they might be able to find a home. Courage, Truth, Honour, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self Reliance, Industriousness and Perseverance. She herself was to be one of these imbued creatures too. These dragons became the “watchers” of The Creatureborn, and include Spocrell, Elibor and Assita, adviser to The Enthors. But stories can be interpreted and embellished.

Zhao started to retract The Creatureborn, ordering the green dragons who watched over these people to return them to her. Some obliged, while others rebelled, refusing to deliver back the creatures that they now considered as family. Not that this stopped Zhao, as she sent the more compliant of the dragons to deal with those refusing. However thanks to intervention by the party, many of The Creatureborn managed to escape and hide themselves away so that she couldn’t find them.

Eventually through mutual tracking down and attempting to find Sharkborn, Zhao came face to face with those Creatureborn that fled, and took them back to the planar fortress of the Karrick Lancers on Orhaven. There, with aid from an underground glade situated near the rift that she transported from Arborea with the same magic as she used to save the Wyvernhill tree, she extracted the souls of The Creatureborn and made them her own. All except Skit, who managed to escape. Thus when the party came to rescue the Creatureborn, they found neither Skit, nor a completely ascended Zhao.

From the way in which she spoke, it appeared as though her reasons for stealing these people’s souls was to gain power, and become more powerful than Casswyn about whom she had a letter explaining that he was up to no good. Perhaps to ascend and become a full dragon herself, or perhaps even further, the full extend of her ascension died with her. She was confirmed to be evil, and at her hand three cities lost thousands of lives, Luminosta, Stonecoast and Deepmere. The party slayed her, releasing the souls of those she had imprisoned: The Creatureborn. As well as two dragons, one made of crystal and one made of a rusted iron, the latter of which hid its presence from all but a few, and departed with haste.

Zhao’s head has been taken for questioning, and all The Creatureborn have received their souls back, thanks to Leona Rowan Montessori, Aarnel, Sir Jarros, Sevastian d’Este and Skit delaying her plans, stopping her from fully ascending, and defeating her in battle.


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