Agris is the name of the mass of land part of the southern islands that has been bisected by the appearance of the rift.

Agris was one of a few prime battlefields in the war against the dwarves. Cities will have existed before the war, but the constant struggle of the war on this land has left them as ruined husks, if not completely dismantled for supplies. The ground is wartorn and trodden, with very little fertility at all.

The land is abandoned, and the only reminents of civilisation are the occasional pier or small section of a ruined building that somehow managed to remain standing.

Having ended up on Agris after a journey through Celestia, the party discovered the half-continent to not be as deserted as once thought. Casswyn lives the the very edge of the rift here. Not only that, but a contingent of bandits (or perhaps scavengers being a more appropriate term) have a settlement in the centre of the continent.


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