Deepmere is the capital city of the Kingdom of Deepmere on the southern coast of the main continent.

The entire kingdom is ruled from here, in the great palace of the ancient royal Enthor family. The Enthor royal line of Deepmere consists of King Thaddius Enthor, Queen Lolinda Enthor, Prince Nile Enthor and Princess Niendra Enthor. The royal family lives with servants and advisors and such in the great palace.

The city itself contains some of the richest nobles of the land, as well as some of the most prudent temples and training grounds of crusaders. The closer to the great palace, the more rich you are, and the palace stands proudly overlooking the vast docks and the great royal ship.

The cost of living in Deepmere is rather expensive, and often people are quite vocal on the subject, although the enforcement from the city guard keeps anyone who complains too loud at bay.


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