Greyskye is a city on the east on the main continent, just south of the desert and north of the Kingdom of Deepmere.

The city is divided into four quarters, military, temple, market and academic, and a proud tower stands in the very centre of the city from which these four quadrants branch off from.

With no trade routes outside of Deepmere, and an unforgiving surrounding landscape, the city has none of the polish that others may do and has nothing to offer travellers outside of a place to stay a night or two before moving on elsewhere. While it is certainly a busy city with a market and such, it cannot compete with the same levels that other cities can offer.

It is not necessarily a bad place at all, the strong guard presence and militaristic stance left over from the war (an understandable thing given its proximity to the battlefields) means that it is one of the safest cities out there.

After a cold crystal once passed through here and great destruction reigned, most of the people fled the city with a team of city guards to protect them. However the few remaining in the city sought the most valuable item within the walls and fought, cheated and lied to get what they wanted until suddenly the want for the item disappeared.

The city is currently being reconstructed after much damage done not only to the buildings but also the people, many of which are currently in a stone like entrapment or repenting for the sins committed within the walls.


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