Luminosta is quite possibly the largest city on the northern continent, and is located on the eastern side of the sky bridge amidst fertile farmlands.

The city itself, as its name suggests, is lit up brightly even at night, not only by many hundreds of oil lamps and lanterns but also a strange luminescent blue lichen that shines brightly at night.

Luminosta has no singular ruling body, but instead has 5 houses that are in charge of various aspects of the city, from the arcane arts to the military. The city gates themselves are split into five, and visitors are required to enter through a specific one in order to choose their allegiance to a specific house. Relationships between the houses vary quite wildly, anywhere between frosty and outright hostile. The most notable of these houses is house Ronto, the house that deals with underworld activities and keeps such incidents in check.

The most famous part of Luminosta are the great auctions that run for a month during the winter, although the city is so greatly transformed that the auctions are more likely to last for almost three months. Vendors and dealers take to the streets, and auctions are held around the city daily, both official and unofficial. Each house has their own grand auction that takes place in the auction house floating high above the city, each a prestigious event that it is very difficult to get tickets for. The Ronto auction, dealing in all manner of strange and most likely stolen merchandise, culminates the entire event. It is the prime focus of the city and it spends vast amounts of effort and money preparing for such a yearly event.

Recent events:

On the culminating day of the auctions, a Watcher attacked the central auction house that floats high in the sky. it was eventually slain by Lerrius and Skit. The watcher’s target were the two heiresses to the house Ronto, Gabriella and Gwendolyn. Lord Ronto was slain in the collapse of the auction house.

The city was in a state of shock and the central district has been crushed beneath the falling floating auction platform/ dragon.
Whilst there Content Not Found: jaros secured the Helm of Heironius from the auction, but was attacked by Knight Captain Niccodemus, a disguised agent of Hextor. Niccodemus failed to retrieve the helmet but was successful in altering Jaros’ memories so that he does not recall the treacherous nature of the assault, or the identity of his assailant.


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