Maladoune is the largest city on the main continent, and is located relatively centrally.

Maladoune’s main focus is in the arcane arts, with individual schools for studying every school of magic (even necromancy). If you even need to hire someone magically orientated, this is the place to do it.

The city is home to a great ten story high library at the north end of the city. The highest levels of said library are barely even able to be accessed by even the heads of the schools, and many rumours as to what these levels contain float around in the city. The ruler of the city The High Archmage, resides within the highest level of this library.

Anyone not arcane orientated is somewhat shunned by the rich and powerful wizards of the city. Far away from the library and the schools live those who aren’t associated with such a profession, in significantly lower quality living standards than the rest.

It was discovered that Maladoune was under control of one of The Cold Crystals, one that enforces on people the desire to learn and discover, in control by The High Archmage.


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