Methoni is a city on the eastern coast of the main continent.

The city is relatively small and its coastal position used mainly for transport and fishing rather than being a completely merchant establishment like Stonecoast. While it doesn’t have a great deal to its name and is unfortunately placed in a desert area, the city has recently been host to the yearly travelling tournament.

Two great colliseums were erected outside of Methoni as it was chosen to be the host of the travelling tournament, which changes location every year. The main attraction of this tournament is a great fighting competition attended by many people across the world. At the conclusion of the tournament, the colliseums are deconstructed and transported elsewhere, however Methoni has taken advantage of the windfall of money and reputation not only from the tournament but because the victor of the main event was allegedly from Methoni. Such prestige is being used to help Methoni perhaps become a greater city.

With the destruction at Stonecoast it was already seen to be having a boost to trade.


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