Stonecoast is a merchant city on the most northern point on the main continent.

It is a city divided into two halves quite literally. Built on a cliff-face with the docks jutting out from the base, Stonecoast has two major halves to the city. One stands atop the cliff, looking out over the sea, and contains the usual mixture of the usual races: humans, elves, half-elves, gnomes, halflings. The other half lies below the ocean and the cliff-face, in a series of caves that stretch far in and down, containing a sprawling city of sahuagin.

The two halves of the city were perhaps once united, a statue in the centre of the temple district on the surface city certainly seems to depict as such. The statue is of both human and sahuagin toiling in construction together. While in the past they worked together to build Stonecoast, nowadays the relationship is frosty and tense. Each race is rarely seen outside of its own city save for a few exceptions.

As a merchant city the main focus is of keeping trade open between Stonecoast and as many places as possible, and the facilities of the city while numerous are definitely more geared towards trading. The docks provide a great many resting spots for ships, and private docks for the more rich members of the city as well as spots for military vessels are both also present.

The city is ruled jointly by the leader of the humanoids and the leader of the sahuagin.


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