The Rift

The rift is a gigantic tear North to South, cleaving the very fabric of the world in two.

It was the culminating factor of the dwarven wars roughly 20 years ago, and was the catalyst for the end of the war. The fighting armies experienced a sudden violent quaking of the earth unlike any they had before, and across both battles of land and sea a gaping chasm opened up, swallowing many and forcing others apart as warriors frantically picked a side to stand on.

Since then there has been no contact with the other side though many means have been tried, both magical and mundane. Some brave souls have even attempted to cross, with their fates remaining unknown. For 20 years the dwarven lands have been split off, and no more is known about it now than was at the beginning. Strange things constantly happen around it with no discernable pattern or reason.

It’s a faint pinkish-purple in colour.

During session 5 Aarnel Galvahn and Sevastian d’Este both traveled to the rift to throw in one of the cold crystals. As they got closer they noticed increasing physical and eventual temporal distortions. Divine Magic also ceased to work in proximity to the rift. All attempts to throw the crystal overboard failed, the crystal would reappear on the hull of the boat, or one of the characters would emerge from the sea holding it a moment later.

They also encountered a vessel travelling backwards in time, the captain of whom appeared to know them both and had “got rid of” the cold crystal. His fate is unknown, and may not have happened yet.

The Rift

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