Ules is a city on the northern continent, towards the west side.

The city is little more than a village at the foot of a steep set of mountains, but with this settlement being the residence of the Stey family, it’s widely regarded as a city nevertheless.

The Stey family can best be described as a mob family, and controls one half of the northern continent (the half not controlled by the 5 houses of Luminosta). How control was established and maintained is definitely illegitimate by other settlements’ standards, however people are not kept in poverty and are able to live nice lives, so no outwith kingdoms have intervened at all.

Ules itself is a small village with a grand manor attached to it. Being under rule of a mobster, the city is much like other places on this half of the northern continent. Untrustworthiness around every corner, with few honourable gods worshipped or respected and the guard population just as liable to steal from you as the merchants or the thief’s guilds. Stealing, extortion and blackmail are all fair enough, but it is not an evil place and you most certainly wouldn’t get away with murder on the streets.


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