Weyville is a city located on the south-western side of the main continent nadis not a city with many attractions.

Weyville is simply a city with nothing to its name. Calling it a city is maybe the wrong term, for it is more like a large town than a small city. The only thing worth mentioning about Weyville is that, as its name suggests, it is a way-point for travellers. It is the biggest settlement to stop at around the central mountains. Ara, Byholt and the Kingdom of Deepmere to the east all have trade routes that run through Weyville, and it is close enough to port towns such that travellers from Stonecoast and places as far north as Luminosta also pass through. So even though Weyville has nothing of interest when compared to other great cities, a large number of interesting people are often in Weyville at the same time.

It is said that beneath the town in the sewers resides a feral half rat human who will steal babies from their cribs and pull children into the watery depths to feed upon, but this is mostly a scare story for any not wanting to help with household chores.

The city has no ruling party between its amalgamation of religion sects, academic institutions and various guilds. However the person most likely seen as being in charge is the richest resident of Weyville, Rosal


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