Willowsburgh is a city roughly central on the western half of the northern lands.

It provides a gateway to further lands to the north much in the same way that Sharte does to the west. It is, however, much more welcoming a place than Sharte.

While you may still require papers to enter depending on how the guards feel, it is by and large a more lenient place. This however has the consequence that the city itself seems to very much do as it pleases. There are all the places that you’d expect in a regular city, but the guard presence is very thin and a number of more suspicious establishments and activities exist.

Markets can be fronts for information collecting services and underground black markets. Some buildings are disguises for all-encompassing pleasure houses. Some aren’t even disguised, and have messangers around the city to convince you to come. A district in the centre for arcane arts is surrounded in a mysterious fog that seems to affect all but those studying mages in a manner of unusual ways. You’d find more activity in the sewers than in any other sewers in the world.

You get the picture.


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