A small town on the most northerly coast of the Luminosta side of the northern continent, and quite possibly the most northern settlement now that Viraden is no longer inhabited.

Interestingly this town worships dragons, all dragons, both chromatic and metallic, as well as both gods Tiamat and Bahamut. At the very centre of the town is a tree, a small replica of the dragon roost in Arborea allegedly. On either side of this is displayed the relics of Bahamut and Tiamat, a set of gauntlets and a cloak of dragon scales respectively.

It is in this town that the tales of Zhao teleporting an entire tree away, renewing it, and returning it came from…although nowadays the tree has most obviouisly died.

Having struck the tuning forks near the tree as a test, two portals were revealed, one on either side of the tree. One to Celestia, the other to The Nine Hells…the planes upon which Bahamut and Tiamat reside.


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