Act 2 sessions 1 - 3


Good heavens above I let this get out of date.

When I left off we’d just defeated Zhao, and were beginning the complex process of winding down from that. Some side antics involved a cursed Wings of Flying, and other dividing of the loot. That aside there some important decisions for us to make, as to what we’d do next.

Leona decided that the now free creatureborn would be best served with a home on the southlands, a place where she has more or less tamed.
Ama naturally accompanied her, as there were unresolved personal quest things needing doing.

Sadly Auriel decided to stay behind as well, there being much good here for her to do. She left me with her journal, a rather touching gift and memoria.
Princess Niendra took some convincing by Content Not Found: Harley before she agreed to return to her kingdom, and Spocrell was pretty fixed on getting Skit out of Carceri, something that myself, Sevastian, and Jaros Byrne all agreed was our next port of call after seeing Niendra in safe hands.

We travelled via ship to the city of Ara and took some time to resupply and collect new gear and items, trade and otherwise go shopping. Jarros had some armour comissioned, and as we passed the city of Maladoune I had a new housing for my journal commissioned, something more durable than the current leatherbound wrap.
Whilst there something weird happened with Harley, she dissapeared one evening but said all was well. Something seemed to be up but nothing came of it.

We moved on toward Deepmere without incident, leaving Norian at Greyskye to report to Leona’s family, and went straight to house Byrne, where we met Jarros’ Father, an extremely intimidating man with a low opinion of his son. We delivered Niendra to his care and then made preparations to head to Carcerei. This included travelling to Greyskye where we met an elven scholar by the name of Lorath, who is an expert of Carceri.

We learn several things about the plane, that it has 6 layers, that Time does not pass there, though Duration does. A sort of temporal inertia holds true and so we must take care to eat, sleep, and similar: as when you exit the plane, all that time catches up with you all at once.
Those trapped there are also deathless, they cannot kill each other, or die by each others hand. We however are not bound so, and can both die and slay them. Lorath advises that we not give this away, lest a queue form. He was very emphatic about the point.
His portal will open to the second lair, which is full of acid and jungles. The top layer is a barren wasteland. Under no circumstances are we to travel to the 6th layer, where lives Nerull, god of death.

Each layer is presided over by a Denizen, or as I prefer to call them, a Layer Lord. They alone hold the ability to release people from the plane, the portal to the Planar Fortress not withstanding.
Lorath also bids us recover 6 guardsmen who were mysteriously sent there during the now famous Greyskye Incident where one of the Cold Crystals (this one now destroyed) was unleashed.

We travel back down to Deepmere where we seek the aid of the Church of Heironious who are able to give us a bunch of assistance in exchange for our vow to aid in the removal of Lukan and the Hextor plot to undermine the church. We collect Jarros who has been undergoing a rigorous retraining process, and travel back to Greyskye to travel to Carcerei.



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