Time: 1st to 7th of Richfest
Location: Worldwide

Richfest is one of the four 1-week-long months that occur during the year. While not exactly a festival, Richfest is still seen somewhat as a celebratory week, and most general workplaces tend to be far more lenient.

Richfest is not as exclusive as the name might suggest, and has nothing to do with money or wealth. People celebrate the richness of the land. Workplaces tend to slow down, and often allow long breaks during the height of the sun. Cities in less hospitable places during times of high heat, such as Greyskye or Methoni, tend to see Richfest as a challenging week to get through, and often celebrate the end of the week rather than the week itself (much like Needfest in other places).

There are other major festivals during the week of Richfest, including:
Summer Solstice


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