The Ara Fire Festival

Time: 22th to 26th of Patchwall
Location: Ara

The Ara Fire Festival has been the city’s own individual celebration of the end of summer and has many origin stories surrounding it.

Many residents of Ara these days attribute the celebration to be in honour of a wizard living in a keep to the north of Ara, for coming down and saving them from a dragon attack in Year 620. Such people claim that the city did have a minor celebration before that, but that it only took the shape it has now after they were saved.

Others claim that the city had always celebrated it, and that this was the city’s founding day. It is a fire festival to honour the very first fire built in Ara, hundreds of years ago, to mark its founding.

Still others say that it is a celebration of rememberance of the first Ara, which burnt to the ground due to a rogue and villanous mage who bore the city a grudge. The current Ara is what was rebuilt, and the fire festival is held in honour of the first city and in jest at the mage who tried and failed to be rid of Ara.

Whatever the story is, the festival is a sight to behold, drawing travellers from all over the world year after year. It is often described as the 7 days of Richfest and Brewfest all celebrated in 5 days. Great braziers of fire light the sky for the duration, and numerous fire themed activities take place. The mage from the keep to the north often takes this as a chance to visit, and to pick a new apprentice for the coming year.

The Ara Fire Festival

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