The Hidden

Time: 7th of Sunsebb
Location: Worldwide

A strange celebration whose origins are shrouded in as much mystery as the name suggests, but the point of which is reverance of the strangeness and beauty of the world. This festival is particularly popular with children, but it would take a real stony adult to not find entertainment on this day.

People wear disguises on this day and try to remain unrecognized, in order to celebrate the wondrous and strange effect that magic and magical creatures have in the world. Nevertheless, it should be noted that actual use of magic in such disguises is considered cheating, and is frowned on in most areas. There is dancing and celebration, and the high point is a parade and an acting performance, a play in which good and evil battle. Evil wins but the youngest speaking child resurrects good and removes the evil from the bad actor.

It is rare but not unknown for some members of evil cults to take steps at this point, and vigilance is usually tight in larger cities around this time.

The Hidden

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