The Luminosta Auctions

Time: 12th to 21st of Ready’reat
Location: Luminosta

The Luminosta Auctions are a series of auctions that take place yearly in the city of Luminosta. But more so than that, it is an event that transforms the city into a thriving epicentre of trade and bargaining of all types.

Initially a single auction run by the original “first house” of Luminosta, with many small side-auctions taking place unofficially around the city, the event expanded when the house became the many houses, each laying claim to a single section of the grand auction, and turning it into their own. Thus the main auction is no longer a single day, but an entire week. The unofficial auctions around the city on the streets still take place, except now over a much larger period of time. Although the official auction time runs from the 17th to 21st, the activity in the city lasts for almost the entire month.

The official auction timetable remains the same however

The Luminosta Auctions

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